Some of our key values make the very heart of our company, determining its success.  They define our actions and how we perceive the world. These key values are the basis  of who we are, how we experience the world around us, how we do business and how we deliver our services.

We are convinced doing business is all about showing respect and paying careful attention to each and every partner.

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We believe in perception based on
participation and interaction

To make sure a campaign pays off, clients must experience a brand in many different ways, online and offline. To consumers, the participation threshold must be kept low at all times. Also, the ‘fun effect’ must attract attention in each and very campaign and we strive to make campaigns competitive and social.

We believe in numbers

We strive to implement, measure and if necessary adjust campaigns based on ‘real time information’. Real time information helps us intervene on time to address and serve the right target group as efficiently as possible. For this we use our Reflex Tools.

We believe in cost awareness

Our company is always in search of an efficient marketing mix and therefore we are very much aware of the costs. When companies and clients decide to join hands and tune each other’s needs to one another, then this will automatically help both parties save costs. It means considerably lower marketing expenses for companies and lower prices for clients. In the end, both companies and clients are perfectly satisfied.

We believe in authenticity

As a company we respect cultural differences. We search for differences, building new bridges at the same time. Our corporate culture is based on an open and direct approach. We have both feet firmly on the ground.

We believe in reliability

Honesty is our key motive. It makes no sense creating unfeasible and unrealistic expectations. Hence, our relations are based on mutual trust and we keep our promises.

We believe in passion

Our team is committed to achieving success in the long term. We are not interested in earning money the easy way, but rather we are keen to build long-term relations. We are passionate about what we do, our field of expertise and we very much appreciate our colleagues.

We believe in innovation

We have an innovative mindset, always in search for the best solutions by anticipating new developments and needs.